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Bradley Dorner bddorner at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 1 08:29:03 MDT 2006

Finally words from me on this on this interesting but
off topic thread.

Placebo, If the Md's with their science come back to
me and ask how this happened. You weren't suppose to
get better. Then I say hurray! If this happened once
then I say possibly. If it happened twice then I say
interesting. If this has been happening for 30 years,
which in my case it has. Then throw the word placebo
out the window. 

Case in point. 

1) 30 + years ago I injured my back playing soccer. No
minor injury, but one that was suppose to cause me to
have pain and limited mobility for the rest of my
life. Something that the doctors did not want to
operate on but were more then willing to put me on a
life time of pain killers for. Also, playing soccer
was out of the question. My parents took me to a
chiropractor. 2 months later I was in little to no
pain. 6 months later I was playing soccer again. I
loved the surprised look on the doctors faces.

2) 20 years ago I had sever allergies to the point
that I was placed on steroids, several, and told I
would never be off them. 6 months later I was
completely off them, thanks to some Chinese medical
practices. The doctor kept wanting to run more and
more test, but could not explain what had happened.

3) 4 years ago, Frozen shoulder. Doctors recommended
surgery as my only option, or to live with about 35%
mobility in my shoulder. I checked with several
doctors, Md's and others, about my options. I chose
acupuncture. 1 treatment and I had over 50% mobility.
On the next treatment I got back 90+ percent of the
shoulder mobility. The progress slowed from there.

This is only 3 instances of many where I have been
benefited by, what some would consider,
non-conventional medicine. If I had followed the
science of Md's I would be in a wheel chair by now,
probably breathing through an oxygen hose. I could not
have lived in the pain that I was in as a teenager. I
could not have breathed without help from the asthma
that I had, going up a flight of stairs required me to
rest every 4 steps or so to catch my breath usually
with an inhaler. I could go on. There are Doctors
still confused today. Now this is just me. Should I go
on about some friends of mine, one of whom the Md's
about killed. Who now, thanks to again non-traditional
medicine, is alive and doing well. Not cured but much
better and most importantly not dead.

Md's have their place. Break a bone or have a life
threatening emergency. That's where I go first. When
they get stumped, present me with few options, or when
I think there might be a better option I go else
where. God placed more then Md's on this earth, and I
thank him every day for that. 

I do not rule Md's out for my health concerns. I just
consider them one of my many options. I interview Md's
Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, and other as I would
anyone else that I would have work for me. These
professionals are my employees. They work for me. If I
am not happy with them they get fired. My health is my
concern and I have great option.

Sorry for the long final word on this, but I am
passionate about this as you can see. I have good
reason to be.


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