in over my head with triple-boot

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Mon Oct 30 12:00:01 MST 2006

> Christer,
> I am proud to say that I put you up to the LVM on '/'.  I know it works in
> all three distros just fine.  No problems, I've done it and tested them
> all.  In addition, the LVM stuff everyone else has recommended may or may
> not be the best for what you are trying to do.
Well here is the outcome so far.

All three will successfully boot, although I had to tell suse to use
root=/dev/OS/suse instead of /dev/mapper/OS-suse like the rest.  It
couldn't find it using the mapper address.

Permissions seem to be working at this point.  I can login & work in
each distro without any permissions errors (so far).  I am finding a few
glitches though with my commonly used apps.

gaim - each distro has a different version so this is tricky.  I find
fedora just plain crashes on load but the other two work fine.

evolution - works fine in fedora & ubuntu.  suse is using 2.6 vs the 2.8
in the other two.  I would think suse would have the latest since they
develop it, maybe that's what suse 10.2beta is all about.. 

firefox - ubuntu is the only distro so far with firefox 2 available.  I
don't see any issues so far between 2 & 1.5.07.  I'm sure Fedora will
get 2 soon, I don't know what to expect from Fedora.

As expected I'm using Ubuntu more than the others.  So far my impression
is that suse is slooow and I'm not impressed.  Fedora works well (I
don't get the nice bootup splash though--did I miss something in grub?)
Only thing that I can't get to work is the nm-applet for NetworkManager
& alltray support in the notification area on Fedora.

Also wireless is supported in Ubuntu & Fedora.  I haven't tried in suse
yet but I'm honestly not holding my breath.

I'm sure I'll figure out a few more of the bugs as I go.  Any other
suggestions are appreciated.

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