TCP tuning blues

Hill, Greg grhill at
Mon Oct 30 11:34:06 MST 2006

> *BTW, for anyone looking at Digis, their recent ads are wildly false.
> advertise "speeds up to 7Mbps, but when you actually get the documents
> sign it says "7Mbps (combined)", meaning 4.5down + 2.5 up, or whatever
> actually is.  Worse, when I initially talked to their sales and asked
> about
> real-world performance he said, "well, when it's busy it can drop down
> around 6.5, but is nearly always above 6", further implying that the 7
> in
> one direction.  Regardless, $40/month is still a good price for 4Mbps
> service
> IMO.

Digis is by far the worst ISP I've ever used.  I finally cancelled them
after having my connection totally die several times a day for minutes
to hours at a time over a period of several months.  They were great the
first few months, but after that, they were horrible, and their customer
service reps were purposely vague and misleading; all they wanted to do
was get me off the phone.  They'd promise to send a tech out, and never
would follow through.  Oh, and if you go over your bandwidth quota, they
don't tell you, they just bill you through the nose silently.

I hope your experience is better, but if it's not too late to pull out,
you might want to consider it.


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