in over my head with triple-boot

Clint Savage herlo1 at
Mon Oct 30 01:55:52 MST 2006

On 10/29/06, Justin Findlay <justin at> wrote:
> On AD 2006 October 29 Sunday 11:27:51 PM -0700, Christer Edwards wrote:
> > The trouble I'm running into now is with file permissions.  Again, I'm
> > trying to share a /home between each distro (in an attempt to keep my
> > settings & profiles mobile between distros).  I find that when I login
> > I get permission denied errors & GDM craps out on me.
> You need to match up the UID/GID of your /home users.
> ls -n /home
> will tell you the uid and gid.  So, just vipw and vigr all your distros to
> match
> each other and
> chmod -R <my_uid>:<my_gid> /home/me
> This is one of the few complications you will run into running a multi
> distro box.  I found after booting everything from Fedora to Gentoo to
> Debian to FreeBSD that I didn't spend so much time in the other distros
> to make it worthwhile as distros that share principal usage, meaning
> that with three distros you are going to spend at least three times as
> much distro maintaince time, three times as much 'configuring gnome'
> time, etc.  (Although with that last one, as long as you're sharing a
> common /home shouldn't be so bad if each distro is using the same
> versions of stuff, because if they aren't you'll have interesting
> problems.)
> Justin
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I am proud to say that I put you up to the LVM on '/'.  I know it works in
all three distros just fine.  No problems, I've done it and tested them
all.  In addition, the LVM stuff everyone else has recommended may or may
not be the best for what you are trying to do.

I do like, however, the grub config provided by Bart as I've been interested
in doing that sort of boot myself.

The /home directory suggestions everyone is giving you are great too.  I
think once you've consolidated all of that, you'll like the installation
process with LVM.  And with added flexibility to "add space here" or "take
space there" can be a nice feature overall.  Not sure how much you'll use
that, but learning LVM is nonetheless a great skill to have.

Good luck, and I hope I can be of further assistance in "breaking" your
machine, network, and overall spirit in the future.



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