in over my head with triple-boot

Bart Whiteley bart.plug at
Sun Oct 29 23:35:38 MST 2006

> The trouble I'm running into now is with file permissions.  Again, I'm
> trying to share a /home between each distro (in an attempt to keep my
> settings & profiles mobile between distros).  I find that when I login
> I get permission denied errors & GDM craps out on me.
> >From what I can find it looks like each distro handles the user/group
> a bit differently.  What suggestions do you have for allowing each
> distro to share the /home and allow settings & profiles to be loaded
> on each?  The only solution I've used so far is to simply login as
> root.. not the best.

Just make sure your UID and GID are the same on each distro.
You may need to edit /etc/passwd and /etc/group on some of the
distros until they all match.  Then you may need to
  chown -R <you>.<your group> /home/<you>
if you standardized away from the current state of /home.

After that, you should be able to share /home across all the
distros.  Now you only have to worry about incompatible versions
of things (like gnome) trying to share the same dot-files.  If you
have problems with this, I have some tricks to help with that as well.

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