in over my head with triple-boot

Shane Hathaway shane at
Sun Oct 29 21:35:48 MST 2006

Christer Edwards wrote:
> So far I've started with fedora, added ubuntu and then fedora runs
> into troubles at boot with "unable to access LABEL=SWAP-hda2".  I'm
> also not sure I'm doing the partitioning correctly at each install.  I
> make sure to set the /boot, swap & /home and do not format them.  At
> that point I set the appropriate /dev/OS/ as / for the next distro.

I would edit /etc/fstab to mount /dev/hda2 instead of "LABEL=SWAP-hda2".

> I've re-installed a few times today trying to get things right but at
> this point I'm wondering if I'm going about it the wrong way.  If
> anyone has any tips on how to better organize it, or maybe if there is
> a better distro to start/end with.. I'm stuck.

So LVM on the root partition is working for you?  I've heard that's 
problematic.  It should be possible using initramfs, but have the 
distros actually finished the work required?

You might try installing without LVM.  Then you could use gparted from a 
CD to reclaim the wasted space.


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