Oracle finally makes linux annoucement

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Thu Oct 26 16:45:53 MDT 2006

On 10/26/06, Gabriel Gunderson <gabe at> wrote:
> As a CentOS user and a fan of Red Hat, I respectfully disagree.

I'm a CentoOS user too.  Not that it matters, but I do use and love
Red Hat's products...  Err...  CentOS's products.

> Without Red Hat, CentOS is nothing.  CentOS *helps* Red Hat by further
> BETA testing RH's "enterprise" offerings.  The kinda of people that use
> CentOS don't make good customers;  They either don't *need/want* support
> or can't *afford* it.  If Red Hat were go tomorrow, CentOS would be
> right behind them.

That's true, but if CentOS was EvilCentOS Corporation and not some
tiny non-profit, they wouldn't care as much if they were making money
off the labors of Red Hat, ultimately causing financial problems for
them and biting the hand that feeds them.  Their stock holders
wouldn't care that Red Hat goes under, and if they cause Red Hat's
demise, that means one less (original) competitor for RHEL support
contracts.  It's a cold view of things, but I'm not talking about
idealogy here, I'm talking about market realities.

> It's kinda like the "piracy" of the Open Source world, in that, the Big
> Boys know it really doesn't hurt them.  They allow it (and secretly like
> it) because it grooms the users into future customers when they
> eventually enter a position that requires them to use a supported
> version of the software.  Don't get me wrong, stealing crumby
> proprietary software and re-branding an Open Source Linux distribution
> are *not* comparable - allowing them just achieves the same thing.

Right, but this is only true because CentOS is small and non-evil.
But if they were big and evil, or if some big evil corp decided to
rebrand RHEL and sell support contracts that would hurt Red Hat (oh
wait, they did).

> The GPL doesn't protect corporations, it protects the software, its
> creators and its users.  There's *no* question that Red Hat understands
> this.  They've no doubt evaluated this situation and many others that
> threaten their business model.  As you've stated, "beat-you-at-your-own-
> game-with-your-own-product" has always been an issue and they've handled
> it well.  It'll hurt, but it'll be O.K.

I think they've handled it extremely well too.  I hope they keep up
the good work and keep their stock prices and revenue up too.

> BIG thanks to Red Hat for all you do.  I wish you luck.  When I'm not
> poor, and when I own a business that needs top-notch support, you'll get
> my money.



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