Oracle finally makes linux annoucement

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Thu Oct 26 14:58:13 MDT 2006

On 10/26/06, Grant Shipley <gshipley at> wrote:
> I'm not sure how long that model, if successful, can last. If Oracle
> is tremendously successful in taking Red Hat's business then,
> ultimately, Red Hat won't be around. Oracle will then either need to
> acquire Red Hat or staff up to include the same resources that Red Hat
> has in building, distributing and supporting their product. Is this
> their plan, to get Red Hat's valuation low enough to acquire them?

This is exactly what they're doing.  I think Red Hat is down 25% now.

Peoplesoft takeover anyone?

Red Hat acquired JBoss and that pissed Oracle off, so now they're
going to compress the price of Red Hat and then buy them for a song.
I'm totally speculating, but I think this is how it will play out.

> At the end of the day they still haven't answered the basic question
> of how eliminating choice benefits the customer, and that's bull*&#%.

Eliminating choice doesn't help the customer.  But eliminating
competitors (Red Hat + JBoss + MySQL/Postgres in a clean supported
package), helps Oracle.  I think it's lame, but it's a fact of GPL
life.  Red Hat has been exposed to this kind of
beat-you-at-your-own-game-with-your-own-product issue since day one.
If CentOS were bigger, they could have really hurt Red Hat too.


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