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Doran Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Wed Oct 25 10:34:41 MDT 2006

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Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-10-24 at 15:03 -0600, Daniel wrote:
>> I would prefer to do this on a Linux box (preferably Fedora),
>> I would need to have a tutorial that will work -- I have had problems
>> installing both the previously mentioned solutions with available
>> tutorials -- and I have until November 7th to come up with a viable
>> solution.  What suggestions do you have?  Your help is appreciated.
> This doesn't help much with the backups, but it needs to be said...
> Don't use Fedora Core for this.  Even those who love it will tell you,
> it's probably not the right choice.  You should consider RHEL or CentOS.
> Of course there are other disros that would be just fine, but these are
> the obvious choices if RPMs and Fedora are in your blood.

FC isn't necessarily a bad choice for this... We manage a couple bacula
servers on FC for a client. It works great. The choice to go with FC (or
CentOS, for that matter) really comes down to where your OS support is coming
from. Enterprise-level backups are a pretty critical business function. As
such, the business should make sure enterprise-level support is in place. If
you're using a local support entity (like Iodynamics :)), then it doesn't
matter what OS you run as long as they stand behind it. Otherwise, yeah,
you're going to want to consider enterprise support options from a Linux
distribution vendor like Red Hat or Novell/SUSE.

Now... about the backup software. Amanda is... weird. It's not like any
commercial backup software I've ever seen. It does the job but it doesn't
have a lot of the features you may have come to expect if you've been using
backup suites like Veritas. Amanda seems to have been designed to be a set of
utilities for using 'tar' as your backup mechanism. Bacula, on the other
hand, was designed from the ground up to provide the types of functions that
traditional enterprise backup solutions provide.

Our client that uses bacula was using NetVault for Linux for a while and
bacula ROCKS, big time, compared to NetVault.

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