CHMOD Big Oops!

Frank Sorenson frank at
Wed Oct 25 08:36:56 MDT 2006

David D Turley wrote:
> Ok, lets say I "accidently" executed the command:
> chmod -R 777 .
> from the root directory.  What do I need to do to re-secure my system and
> undo this big oops?  
> System: Debian - Etch
> Thanks!
> Dave

I'd look into writing something that takes the output of:
rpm -qa --queryformat "[%{FILENAMES} %{FILEMODES:perms}\n]"

which looks like this:
/usr/share/a2ps/encoding/iso1.edf -rw-r--r--
/usr/share/a2ps/encoding/iso10.edf -rw-r--r--
/usr/share/a2ps/encoding/iso13.edf -rw-r--r--

and fixes the permissions as necessary.

Oh, wait.  You've got Debian?  Well, since .deb is so much better than 
rpm, I'm sure there's an equivalent functionality.


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