Interesting Member Profile Stats - Vim and Firefox Dominate

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Tue Oct 24 16:39:25 MDT 2006

Hi Everyone,

I thought it would be interesting to post some statistics based on the member
profiles on the web site:

I looked at the "technical prefrences" section and counted the number of users that
had selected each option. I think the results are telling. They show us what we are
interested in as a group, and how diverse we really are.

Primary Desktop OS:
5 - Apple (OSX)
4 - Microsoft
4 - Ubuntu
3 - Fedora

Primary Server OS:
6 - Debian
5 - CentOS
4 - Fedora
3 - Ubuntu

Favorite Editor:
18 - vim
2  - emacs
2 - gedit
1 - nano

Prefered Window Manager:
8 - Gnome
5 - KDE
5 - Apple (OSX)
3 - Fluxbox

Favorite Browser:
17 - Firefox
2 - Opera

Also interesting is how advanced our group thinks it is. Here are the stats from
"Tech Comfort Level."
8 - Advanced
6 - Highly Experienced
5 - Experienced
3 - Intermediate
1 - New User
1 - Book Author

Most members with profiles consider themselves at least "Advanced." That is
interesting if you compare it with the technical preferences section.

One metric that surprised me was the dominance of vim. We have more members using
vim than firefox! I would have thought with the traditional vim vs. emacs debate
that the numbers would have been closer to equal, but vim dominates the segment.
What do you all think?

You can see who prefers what by clicking on an item in a member's profile. For
example, to see all the vim users use this url:


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