Enterprise Backup Solution

Daniel teletautala at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 15:03:22 MDT 2006

I need a solution to back up Netware, Mac and Windows servers.  There are
~25 Netware servers, ~30 Mac servers, ~6-10 Windows servers and various
workstations (Mac and Windows) that need to be backed up.  I need the
ability to do incremental backups.  I need a way to backup a FileMaker
database.  There are Mac servers running on proprietary hardware as well as
intel boxes.  The current solution is to use an rsync server to back the
Novell boxes up, iFolder (a Novell product) to back up the Windows boxes and
Bru to back up Mac boxes.  There is a need to back up more servers (same
platforms as previously mentioned) and there is a desire for a single
enterprise solution that will address all of these issues at as small a
price as possible.  Suppose space and bandwith aren't issues, but there is a
dislike of tape backups because it is slow to recover data from the media.
I have heard of Amanda and Bacula, but I don't know their full
capabilities.  I would prefer to do this on a Linux box (preferably Fedora),
I would need to have a tutorial that will work -- I have had problems
installing both the previously mentioned solutions with available tutorials
-- and I have until November 7th to come up with a viable solution.  What
suggestions do you have?  Your help is appreciated.


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