booting an old IBM server

Jason Holt jason at
Mon Oct 23 17:08:01 MDT 2006

On Mon, 23 Oct 2006, Derek Davis wrote:

> This question is about a non Linux system.  Maybe we should change the
> name of this user group to better represent our collective interest in
> OSs other than Linux? :)  (just kidding.  please don't hijack this
> thread with a flame war)
> Anyway, I need to run some software on some old IBM servers.  Ideally,
> I would like to create a live CD running some flavor of Linux that
> will run on these, but from what I've found on line, Linux will not
> run on these servers.  Another option, though not as desired, is to
> create a live CD of AIX, but I found nothing on the net indicating
> that this was even possible.  Unfortunately, I'm kind of stumbling
> around in the dark, because I don't know much of anything about IBM
> servers or AIX.
> Does anyone have any suggestions of how to proceed?  Basically, I want
> to be able to boot into one of these IBM servers and run my software,
> without actually having to install anything and (here's the key)
> without relying at all on any OS installed on the machine.  The
> servers range from model 7011-250 (rather old) to 7046-B50, if that
> helps at all.
> Thanks.  Any suggestions, or just mildly relevent information would be 
> awesome.

I think Mike Halcrow is contractually obligated to help anyone at any time 
with installing software on IBM servers.


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