booting an old IBM server

Derek Davis derek.davis at
Mon Oct 23 17:00:38 MDT 2006


This question is about a non Linux system.  Maybe we should change the
name of this user group to better represent our collective interest in
OSs other than Linux? :)  (just kidding.  please don't hijack this
thread with a flame war)

Anyway, I need to run some software on some old IBM servers.  Ideally,
I would like to create a live CD running some flavor of Linux that
will run on these, but from what I've found on line, Linux will not
run on these servers.  Another option, though not as desired, is to
create a live CD of AIX, but I found nothing on the net indicating
that this was even possible.  Unfortunately, I'm kind of stumbling
around in the dark, because I don't know much of anything about IBM
servers or AIX.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to proceed?  Basically, I want
to be able to boot into one of these IBM servers and run my software,
without actually having to install anything and (here's the key)
without relying at all on any OS installed on the machine.  The
servers range from model 7011-250 (rather old) to 7046-B50, if that
helps at all.

Thanks.  Any suggestions, or just mildly relevent information would be awesome.

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