Blogger Software

Gary Thornock gthornock at
Thu Oct 19 21:16:56 MDT 2006

> Any recommendations at Blogger software.  I have been thinking
> about wordpress or Movable type.  Anybody like anything else?

I use and recommend Wordpress, but MT can also be good if you're
OK with the license (free in the sense of money for non-commercial
use, but not Free in the GPL/BSD License sense.)

There are some differences that may be worth noting:
- Wordpress is written in PHP.  MT is written in Perl.  (Both are
  fine languages IMO, but some on this list would disagree.)
- Wordpress generates its pages dynamically from MySQL every time
  they are requested.  MT generates static HTML when you post.
  For most sites the difference isn't significant, but for high
  traffic sites, static pages may be faster for the reader (but it
  will take longer to update the site when you post).
- Wordpress is MUCH easier to install.  Once installed, though,
  both are reasonably easy to use.
- If you're going to insist on a Free license, Wordpress is
  released under the GPL.  MT, as I noted above, is not.

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