Doh! Stupid Programming Mistakes <humor>

Steve smorrey at
Thu Oct 19 11:33:38 MDT 2006

All I know for sure is it forked so many processes my computer ground
nearly to a halt. and ps ax was many,many pages long.
I just thank god I wasn't running it as root.

On 10/19/06, Alex Esplin <alex.esplin at> wrote:
> On 10/19/06, Corey Edwards <tensai at> wrote:
> > I guess you forked off 10! (3,628,800) processes. We like to call that a
> > fork bomb.
> Eh?  Somebody wanna enlighten a confused young whippersnapper that has
> no clue what is going on here but would like to learn something?
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> Alex Esplin
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