UUG meeting 10/19

Jamie K. Cummings jamie at other-world.org
Sat Oct 14 18:44:32 MDT 2006

The BYU Unix Users Group will be hosting Byron Clark as he speaks on the 
Linux Programming Environment. This meeting will be held in 340 Crabtree 
Building at 7:30pm on Thursday, October 19th. For information on the BYU 
campus and buildings, see http://maps.byu.edu. Look for building 27 and 
stick to the parking lots east of that building.

The following is a teaser sent by Byron:

So, you've learned ANSI C and you're getting comfortable with the
standard library, but you may have noticed that there are just some
things the C standard library doesn't include.  That's what this meeting
is about: we'll talk about everything from Named Pipes and IPC to
Networking and Threading and how to use all of them on Linux.  As a
bonus there will be some helpful hints that every C programmer should

If you're interested in helping with advertising a flier can be found at 

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