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Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Sat Oct 14 00:44:09 MDT 2006

> how does a utah ubuntu group fit in with general linux groups like plug?
> Is uu more project focused?
Ubuntu Utah aims for cooperation from all of the statewide LUGs to
better extend & support Ubuntu locally.  It falls into what Ubuntu calls
the "LoCo Teams" for localization and support.

> fyi, the link was a bit buried
> and hadn't been updated. I tweaked the page but didn't speculate on the
> next meeting.
Yes, I have been lax in updating the wiki lately.  Meetings are normally
planned for the second Saturday of each month.  October meeting has been
rescheduled for the 28th and updated to more of an install-fest /
release party for 6.10.

For anyone else currently working with Ubuntu we'd love to also have you
on our mailing list and at meets.  If we all work together I think we
can really help Ubuntu locally and GNU/Linux OSS in general

Christer Edwards
President, Ubuntu-Utah
christer.edwards at
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