[OT] AAA Linux Games Titles, was September Web Site Statistics

Paul Seamons paul at seamons.com
Thu Oct 12 21:57:47 MDT 2006

> > But thats my whole point, exactly.
> > It is a chicken and egg scenario.  However if Linux users, just said
> > "hey I'm not going to buy it because there is no native version", and
> > then stuck to their guns and didn't go buy, there would be enough of
> > us to make a difference.
> I know it's your point.  I just disagree with your conclusion.  There
> aren't enough of us to make a difference.

Forgive me as I sigh and wax eloquent (and flop in the attempt).  I agree with 
Greg and I agree with Steve.

You absolutely should stick to your guns.  And you must do so knowing that 
there aren't enough of you to make a difference.  And you must do it every 
day for the rest of your life.

At some point the things that were once so needed fade to gray.

As a use case - you giving up TV/Cable/Dish will hardly cause the major 
networks to change their current behavior.  But you stick to your guns.  You 
occupy your time in other ways.  You get selective with what you even have in 
your home by using Netflix or Itunes store or by occasionally buying DVDs.  
You miraculously get your news from online sources.  TV becomes irrelevant in 
your life.  The TV networks never miss you.  Your children learn to listen to 
Car Talk on Saturday mornings.  You begin to not worry about what the latest 
advances are in HD or UHD because it isn't a major portion of your life.  You 
are insignificant but it doesn't matter.  You stuck to your guns.  And so 
will your children - and maybe in a few decades the TV networks will notice - 
and maybe they won't - but you won't even notice that they didn't notice.

Gaming on Windows is exactly the same.

If you haven't felt the moral need to forgo windows gaming, or forgo TV, or 
forgo something else then don't forgo them.  If you have felt the moral need, 
then by all means stand up and be counted.

Just don't sit on the fence.  You will never fully enjoy what's on either 


PS - I'm not insinuating that anybody on the list is sitting on any fences.  
If you ask for advice on Plug, well... I guess your gonna get it.
PPS - I'm mostly sorry for the sap but life is better not being apologist :)

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