[OT] Windows Flame Fest, was AAA Linux Games Titles, was September Web Site Statistics

Ryan Simpkins plug at ryansimpkins.com
Thu Oct 12 14:46:35 MDT 2006

On Thu, October 12, 2006 14:04, Andrew McNabb wrote:
> Ryan, does this seem like a good idea for a poll?  I'm really curious.

I'll just be honest and share my opinions. My fire-retardant suit is on.

I think a Windows poll is:
1) Not very useful.
2) Not Linux related.
3) Possibly inflammatory (not what I wanna deal with on the web site).
4) Not fun.
5) Probably best kept in a flame fest of world war three proportions on a mailing
list like PLUG. This can counteract all of the above!

I run Linux because:
1) I enjoy it.
2) It is very flexible (and also complex).
3) It helps me learn how computers and networks work, and I like to learn new things.
4) It doesn't cost a dime.
5) My Linux systems and servers can cross-communicate with ease and security (rsync,
6) I make a living supporting Linux servers, so I need to keep the chops sharp.
7) It establishes a reason for a bunch of geeks to sit in a room and talk, so I
actually get out at least once a month.
8) I don't have to pay money to write complex software for it.

I run windows because:
1) My wife likes Windows way more than Linux.
2) Other people I know use Windows.
3) A lot of desktop apps I like to use run on Windows.
4) A lot of high-end and newer games are best supported in Windows.
5) It suits me better for certain tasks on the Desktop.
6) It is pretty simple. Less flexibility means less complexity.

More of my rantings - where I think Linux could improve:
1) I don't like a lot of things about Linux on the Desktop. Some days I just want it
to work and I don't want to fight with yet another thing that in my mind should be
simple but is actually really complex and boring, like this sentence.
2) Copy/Paste, drag/drop, and application integration is far behind MS & Apple
3) The choice of desktop software apps is much more limited on Linux.
4) Linux has some better ideas, but they are not always very well implemented.
5) OSX is probably a better Desktop OS than Linux.
6) I don't ever want Linux to be as ubiquitous a Desktop OS as Microsoft because
that will mean it has lost its flexibility.
7) Let the home consumers buy MS, let the geeks run Linux. Let those "artsy" people
run OSX. Let's all learn to live in peace.
8) Companies like Red Hat and Novell seem to be the only people trying to make Linux
functional as a Desktop in business and actually know what needs to be done to get
9) Microsoft is irrelevant to me if Linux, Windows, and OSX all integrate well -
which may never happen meaning that Microsoft will always be relevant.
10) Things change. Sometimes that is good, and sometimes that is bad. I reserve the
write to add, edit, or retract anything in the above lists.
11) Steve Ballmer's personality gets on my nerves, but so does Richard Stallman's.
That will never change.

"Fox One! Fox One! Missle Away!"


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