[OT] AAA Linux Games Titles, was September Web Site Statistics

Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Thu Oct 12 14:21:28 MDT 2006

> But thats my whole point, exactly.
> It is a chicken and egg scenario.  However if Linux users, just said
> "hey I'm not going to buy it because there is no native version", and
> then stuck to their guns and didn't go buy, there would be enough of
> us to make a difference.

I know it's your point.  I just disagree with your conclusion.  There
aren't enough of us to make a difference.  Macs have a much larger
market share and very few Mac owners have a Windows box for gaming.
Guess how many games are Mac-compatible?  Maybe 10% of them, although I
think I'm overestimating.  Mac will be a viable gaming platform long
before Linux, since they actually have stable, high performance 3d
drivers that don't take a sysadmin to install.  Plus, they're becoming a
trendy thing with younger folks, who are more likely to buy games than
Linux geeks (or nerds, I forget which one was decided to be the better

> What would happen to open source game projects, if instead of us
> buying games like CS we spent the equivalent amount of money as a
> donation to a worthy linux native game?

Honestly?  Not much.  There might be a couple thousand people in the
world willing to do that, which is chump change compared to the hundreds
of thousands of Windows gamers.

I realize I'm being unsympathetic; maybe the whole unrealistic attitude
of the comment about it being "silly to keep a winbloze box for gaming"
riled me up, or maybe it's just that I'm realistic and what I've seen
happening over the last 5 years has led me to believe that Linux gaming
is getting worse, rather than better.  Nvidia has slowed updates to
their drivers, and from what I've heard ATI no longer officially offers
Linux drivers (that might be wrong, I don't like ATI products, but I
remember reading that).  Fewer game developers are taking a chance on it
by releasing Linux verions (for example, the original Unreal Tournament
and Half-Life both had Linux versions, their follow-ups have not,
AFAIK).  If anything will take off, it'll be Macs.  And maybe if that
happens, Linux will be next.  It's at least several years off, though.


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