[OT] AAA Linux Games Titles, was September Web Site Statistics

Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Thu Oct 12 11:39:07 MDT 2006

> You want to see AAA game titles on Linux?  Don't buy the windows
> version.  Let the game company know that they lost a customer because
> they didn't offer a Linux version.  And for the love of god stick to
> your guns.

Well, ideally this would work.  However, I buy games to play online with
friends, and we tend to enjoy games that aren't available for Linux.
The games we've played in the last year or two are primarily:

1. CS:Source
2. Battlefield 2
3. Warcraft 3
4. Rainbow Six: Raven Shield

AFAIK, none of those have a native Linux port, and at least 2 of them
(CS and BF2) don't work well under WINE or Cedega.  It's kind of the
chicken and egg scenario.  I'd buy Linux games if the games I wanted
were available, and games I want won't be available until there's a
viable Linux market.  The simple fact is there aren't enough people who
use Linux that "speaking with your wallet" would make any difference.
There needs to be some killer Linux game that isn't available anywhere
else to get people to switch to Linux just for that game (like Halo did
for Xbox).  Enough people switch, and Linux will be a viable market.
Frankly, I don't see that happening, but anything's possible.


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