Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Wed Oct 11 23:45:22 MDT 2006


I just signed up on the PLUG list & attended my first meet tonite.  I
enjoyed it--great job.

Basically just wanted to introduce myself on the new list..

Christer, aka "Kuyaedz", from #utah or #ubuntu-utah.  I'm current
President for Ubuntu-Utah.  I know there are more of you Ubuntu users
out there.  I'd love to see you on our list, IRC or at our meets
(information available in sig).  I've met many of you already either via
IRC or at recent meets (or probably at the BBQ).

Anyway, just dropping a note.  I plan on trying to make the PLUG
meetings from here on out.  See you there.

Ooh, who do I need to talk to about getting listed on
the PLUG 'LUG List'?

Christer Edwards
President, Ubuntu-Utah
christer.edwards at
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