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Hill, Greg grhill at
Wed Oct 11 15:43:42 MDT 2006

> I've had excellent luck with the latest version of wine and alot of
> popular games in Linux, it's damned near native speeds too, even the
> hardcore 3D stuff and of course WoW :)

>From everything I've read, a 20% performance drop is about the best case
scenario with WINE.  And some games that I actually play don't work at
all, last I checked their compatability database (maybe it has since

> Personally I think keeping a winbloze box just for gaming is a little
> silly.

Well, there are lots of things I consider silly, like sticking to your
guns to not allow binary drivers in Linux and subsequently destroying
your chance at gaining any inroads into the massive gaming market.  But
that's just me (I know the reason for it, and I agree in principle, but
I'm more realistic - Nvidia and ATI will never open source their

> It's like keeping a Ford Pinto for "the gas milage"

That's a *bad* idea?  :)  Seriously, though, it's such a flawed
comparison I don't know where to start.

>  Get a modern linux desktop distro like Kubuntu, if you haven't tried
> one lately.
> Deffinetly MUCH nicer than anything M$ puts out.

I tried Xubuntu a few months back.  It looks pretty decent, and it's
nice and responsive.  I plan on using it for a desktop, if I can get the
whole sharing my dual-monitor setup thing working sometime.

I'll have to go see what Jason was talking about...


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