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Steve smorrey at
Wed Oct 11 14:59:38 MDT 2006

I've had excellent luck with the latest version of wine and alot of
popular games in Linux, it's damned near native speeds too, even the
hardcore 3D stuff and of course WoW :)

Personally I think keeping a winbloze box just for gaming is a little silly.
It's like keeping a Ford Pinto for "the gas milage"

 Get a modern linux desktop distro like Kubuntu, if you haven't tried
one lately.
Deffinetly MUCH nicer than anything M$ puts out.


On 10/11/06, Jason Hall <jayce at> wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 October 2006 14:44, Hill, Greg wrote:
> > I am one of them.  I've been wanting to set up a desktop Linux box to
> > use via a KVM switch with my Windows box for a while, but money and lack
> > of a KVM that works with Logitech cordless products has prevented me
> > thus far.  Maybe some day.
> One word, SYNERGY
> Check around, I know you have several people sitting withing spitting distance
> of you using it :)
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