- September Web Site Statistics

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Oct 11 11:57:21 MDT 2006

Here are some statistics for

Please let me know if you guys like to see this sort of thing and I can send out
monthly updates.

1,089 - Visits
4,399 - Page Views

25.16% - Percent of returning visitors.
64.97% - Front page bounce rate.

85% - Goal Funnel Completion Percent (went through entire sign up).
43 - Total number of active users (have logged in at least once).
11 - Total number of local companies listed.

Most popular keyword conversion visits (search engine hits):
43 - "plug"
10 - "provo linux users group"
6 - "utah linux companies"

Top Content Page Views:
1,200 - Front Page
239 - Member Profiles
215 - Local companies

Top web browsers by visit (not page view):
606 - Firefox
275 - Internet Explorer
111 - Opera

59.41% of visitors were using Windows.
30.95% of visitors were using Linux.
9.09% of visitors were using Macintosh
5.69% of visitors did not have any version of flash installed.

Other items of note:
Before the new site was launched the average page views were in the 20-30 a day
range. After launch our average page views were in the 70-100 range (does not
include the big tux cake spike). Our highest spike was due to Joseph Hall's 3D tux
cake which referred about 1,900 page views. Our next highest spike in traffic
occurred on 9/21 with 507 page views. People seem to be checking in on the site
every 8-14 days.

So far for the month of October our fastest growing visited content is our local
companies list. If you google for "utah linux companies" that section is number one.
It is a great place to showcase your company and its use of Linux.


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