Cloning Machines

Kimball Larsen kimball at
Wed Oct 11 10:47:21 MDT 2006

Ok, so I think this has been asked here before, but I'm too lazy to  
dig through the archives:

What solutions do you use for cloning a lot of computers at once?   
Historically, I have used Ghost, G4U, and G4L, all of which have  
worked well, but recently the hardware configuration to which I'm  
cloning has changed just enough to kill performance for G4U and G4L  
(I'm using DDR2 memory, and the kernels included with these 2  
projects don't like it much.. ) so I'm searching for a Better Way™.

How about some sort of network boot solution that just pops up a menu  
of which image I'd like to slam on the box?  That would be cool. :)

-- Kimball

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