Library recommendations for web server and image manipulation

Shane Hathaway shane at
Mon Oct 9 12:00:44 MDT 2006

Andrew McNabb wrote:
> I think the old quote is, "Premature optimization is the root of all
> evil."  Not knowing anything about the details of your situation, my
> guess would be that your slowness is coming from the image processing
> part of the system.
> At least up front, I would recommend writing the image processor in C++.
> I have a little bit of experience with libmagick, and except for poor
> documentation, I was very pleased with it.  Once you have an image
> processor, swap it in place of your Python version (there are some good
> tools for interfacing between Python and C).
> I would personally leave as much of my code in Python as possible
> because I like being happy. :)

Also note that PIL (Python Imaging Library) is actually quite fast,
especially if you optimize your use of it, such as using grayscale mode
if your images are grayscale.  Don't throw it out until you have a
benchmark that shows another implementation is clearly faster.


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