Asterisk Development Question

Derek derek at
Mon Oct 9 10:27:43 MDT 2006

I asked this question on the Asterisk dev mailing list but did not 
receive a reply.  I am hoping that the * experts on this list can help me.

Basically I need a SIP Notify message to signal to the other half of the 
channel to answer the call.  Here is what it looks like:

SIP Gateway---->Sip CTI Application----->Asterisk SIP 
Channel---->Asterisk---->Asterisk Unistim Channel---->IP Phone

The Sip CTI Application sends a Notify message with Event: answer to the 
SIP Asterisk Channel.  I know where I receive that message in the code, 
but have not been able to signify to the Unistim channel to answer the call.

Any suggestion on sending messages between two channels?  My 
understanding of Asterisk channels is that they are not bridged until 
the call has been answered.


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