Library recommendations for web server and image manipulation

Dave Smith dave at
Sun Oct 8 20:35:16 MDT 2006

I am working on a for-fun-only project with a friend (project and friend 
:) to be announced later). I am seeking library recommendations from the 
ever-knowledgeable plug. I am pretty sure I know what I want to do, but 
just to make sure...

I've prototyped the project in Python using PIL (the Python Imaging 
Library), and Python's httplib and SimpleHTTPServer. The prototype 
works, but is too slow, and I plan to reimplement it in C or C++ 
(preferred). The project has three components:

    1. A web server
          Currently using SimpleHTTPServer. Would like to use libHTTP 
(do you know of any others).

    2. A web client
          Currently using Python's httplib. Would like to use libcurl.

    3. An image processor
          Currently using PIL. Would like to use libmagick++

My goal is to make the application super-easy to deploy, so I want to 
minimize the file count by statically linking as much as possible (i.e., 
to put it on a flash drive). My requirements for each of the libraries 
are very minimal. The web server simply needs to let my code handle GET 
requests. No CGI support needed. The web client simply needs to fetch 
URLs. The image processor just needs to perform basic operations on lots 
of image types: vflip, hflip, grayscale, and blur, for png, jpg, and 
gif, at least.

Any problems with these libraries in this combination?


P.S. For the curious, this is just one half of the project. The other 
half makes use of libnet and libpcap. Details to be announced...

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