configuring the mouse in Ubuntu

Dave Smith dave at
Sun Oct 8 20:17:51 MDT 2006

Russel Caldwell wrote:
> What do I need to do to make my mouse work again in Ubuntu?

Why is this still happening in Linux? What is so broken about Linux 
technically that a mouse could *not* work? I've been using Linux for 
over 5 years, and I remember this problem happening in RH 6.2 and 
cousins. It can't possibly be that mouse compatibility is so difficult 
that 5 years of engineering hasn't solved the problem. And this is 
Ubuntu, the world-renowned and award-winning Linux distribution for user 
friendliness and ease of setup.

I'm not trying to flame anyone (since none of you are at fault for this 
problem). I'm just asking an honest question that I think deserves an 


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