MythTV DataDirect data out of sync at at
Sun Oct 8 17:41:24 MDT 2006

On Sun, 8 Oct 2006, Chris Carey wrote:
> A couple weeks ago I noticed my MythTV DataDirect (Zap2It) go out of
> sync. There are a lot of shows not recording at the right time.

Between September 24th and 26th (it was precisely the 26th in my area), 
"for the convenience of their customers", :-) Comcast switched several of 
the networks they carry (A&E, for one) to a west-coast feed on which 
programs run three hours later than indicated by several of the EPGs.  I 
don't know how to "fix" the EPG discrepancy and have resorted to setting 
up manual recordings for programs on those networks.  Here's hoping the 
feed changes will eventually filter their way into the EPG services.


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