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Sun Oct 1 15:06:48 MDT 2006

It's time to read a classic from project Gutenberg again, but I can't
read a novel in plain text (mostly due to the lack of bookmarking). I
have yet to see a worthwhile Gutenberg reader, so as always I turn to
GutenMark[1] to create HTML or LaTeX output. But HTML has the same
bookmarking problems, and a web browser isn't the best way to read an
ebook either. So that leaves the LaTeX output.

But I am not satisfied with the \documentstyle{book} output. It looks
great when printed, but the whole alternating margin widths thing
is just distracting on screen. What I'd really like is what I've seen in
some more enlightened PDF ebooks - layed out so that it is readable
on screen (1024x768 or 800x600 perhaps) and yet you see the whole page
at once. Maybe it could put two pages side by side (or be it one page
with two columns), or maybe not.

Does anybody have any thoughts? I am willing to consider ConTeXt or even
any other typesetting system that wouldn't be too hard to hack GutenMark
to output.


Hans Fugal ;
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