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Wed Nov 29 16:45:09 MST 2006

Jesse Stay wrote:
> We had this same issue at Media General.  We ended up going with a
> proprietary system.  I'm not sure what the new system they moved to
> was, but one other option that they used to use that does this is
> Fatwire.  It's expensive, though - may not be a good solution for a
> school district, unless they offer a deal to educators.
> I think what you're looking for is the ability to administer multiple
> websites under one CMS.  I know we were asking for this with Bricolage
> at the time as well as Drupal - I don't know if they've implemented
> this feature yet or not though.  You could always take the source of
> one of these and add the feature in, though.
> Jesse
> On 11/29/06, Daniel <teletautala at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am the webmaster for the Alpine School District.  We are currently
>> working on a CMS that will allow schools to administer their own CMS
>> and yet the database of users, content and components is central and I
>> can administer any part of any CMS.  Is there a CMS solution that will
>> allow for distributed authority (each school can administer their own
>> CMS)?
>> -Daniel

phpWebSite does this as well. Founded by a University, they had the same


From the above URL:

Branch Creator
If setup correctly, this module allows admins to create "branch" sites
that extend the "hub" site. Branch sites rely on the same codebase as
the hub site. They can be setup to use the same database as the hub by
using table prefixes or can use their own databases. When a branch is
created there is a basic directory structure that is created for that
branch that contains any themes, images, or other site specific files.

Brandon Stout

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