FOSS Web Mail - What do you use?

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Wed Nov 29 12:04:49 MST 2006

My .02 I installed Scalix beta 11 about a month ago and boy am I liking it.
It is co-existing with my webserver on a Fedora 5 box. No problems so far.
Easy install too.

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I like having the ability to access all of my mail from anywhere that
has web access. I get a lot of information via email, and taking the
time to organize it into some other form just isn't something I really
want to do. So why not just store it in email? And why not store that
email in one place, rather than just on my home computer or just on my
work computer?

This wasn't really possible for me until Gmail came around and gave me
plenty of storage space. So long as I'm careful to keep my inbox
clean, and delete things like graphic-intense messages that say I'm
supposed to pass them along to 10 friends who I don't want to be my
friends anymore, then I have plenty of space.

On 11/29/06, Wade Preston Shearer <lists at> wrote:
> > Gmail does offer hosted mail for other domains.  I'm not sure on the
> > details, but a former coworker of mine used it for his side
> > business and
> > was happy with it.  I personally can't stand Gmail's interface.  Dunno
> > what it is, but I just really dislike it.  Yahoo's new one is much
> > better for my tastes, although I wish they'd take it out of "beta"
> > already.  Wait, isn't gmail still beta?  That said, I use Thunderbird
> > for my primary email accounts.
> I personally don't understand why web-based email clients are so
> popular. They are nice for the rare emergency when you need to check
> your mail at a kiosk or on another computer when you are away, but I
> can't see how people prefer them over a local app for normal use.
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