FOSS Web Mail - What do you use?

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Wed Nov 29 11:40:12 MST 2006

> Gmail does offer hosted mail for other domains.  I'm not sure on the
> details, but a former coworker of mine used it for his side  
> business and
> was happy with it.  I personally can't stand Gmail's interface.  Dunno
> what it is, but I just really dislike it.  Yahoo's new one is much
> better for my tastes, although I wish they'd take it out of "beta"
> already.  Wait, isn't gmail still beta?  That said, I use Thunderbird
> for my primary email accounts.

I personally don't understand why web-based email clients are so  
popular. They are nice for the rare emergency when you need to check  
your mail at a kiosk or on another computer when you are away, but I  
can't see how people prefer them over a local app for normal use.

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