FOSS Web Mail - What do you use?

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Nov 29 11:19:50 MST 2006

On Wed, November 29, 2006 10:58, Jesse Stay wrote:
> This seems to be a very common topic on PLUG/SLLUG.  There are some
> great solutions in the archives on this.  See my comments in the
> archives on Zimbra.

That is a very good point. I have to wonder why it is such a frequent topic. Perhaps
there are no really solid FOSS options for webmail service. With companies like
Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft dumping money like crazy in to their web mail systems
maybe they are out-competing what a FOSS project can get going. Necessity is the
mother of all invention, if gmail is good enough why spend development cycles
creating something different?

These free services set the bar rather high in some cases. Some of my less technical
friends have been using Yahoo mail for 6+ years. Old habits are hard to break. Users
have come to expect quite a bit from their webmail. They want it to work in a very
specific way.


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