FOSS Web Mail - What do you use?

Joseph Hall joseph at
Wed Nov 29 10:21:29 MST 2006

I used to love Horde. It only had one drawback: it's written in PHP,
which I'm not really all that great with. I don't know about current
versions, but back when I was trying to get it to work, it had just a
couple of bugs that caused me a LOT of problems. In fact, after
researching it, I eventually discovered that many of the bugs were
actually PHP bugs, not Horde bugs. Worse, they were security bugs that
the PHP developers were claiming to have fixed in version 3, but still
seemed to be present in version 5.

I found a lot of mailing list questions asking for fixes, with a lot
of PHP and Horde developers responding that there was a bug in their
PHP version and that they needed to upgrade. Most of the original
posters were either already running the latest version, or later
posted that they upgraded to the latest version and the bug still
existed. A lot of threads ended with, "I don't know what you're doing
wrong, but I guess I can't help you."

And people wonder why I dislike PHP so much.

Still, I was always a big fan of Horde once I actually got it working.

On 11/29/06, Ryan Simpkins <plug at> wrote:
> With the recent announcement of Novell dropping Hula it got me thinking in a
> round-about way: What am I missing in the FOSS web mail world? Currently I'm using
> SquirrelMail. I don't *hate* SquirrelMail, but I don't *love* it either. It is
> certainly sufficient to handle the 3000 e-mails or so I get a month. However, I'm
> wondering what else might be out there.
> What do you use for your webmail solution?
> Here is what I get from SquirrelMail that I like. I don't need it all, and could
> live without a few options:
> - RPMs available for quick installation and upgrading.
> - IMAP integrated.
> - Large number of extensions or modules.
> - Server side spell checking.
> - Default sort type for all folders, but remembers individual settings.
> -  Includes a thread sort type that sorts mailing lists nicely.
> - Message highlighting (changes color on messages from certain addresses).
> - Lots of options to customize the layout and UI (change header field location, tab
> orders, etc., etc.).
> - Works with Linux Opera & Firefox.
> What I don't like:
> - It's a bit harsh on the eyes.
> - My current setup uses frames that I have to refresh separately.
> - It is difficult for some of my users to use (too complex).
> - HTML based e-mail is more of a hack than really usable. Some of my users live on
> HTML e-mail so they have mostly given up using my system.
> - Compose window doesn't auto-re-size.
> "Killer" or Must Have features would be:
> - More intuitive server side e-mail checking.
> - HTML editor options (similar to gmail).
> - Auto draft saving.
> - Must work with Opera.
> - Must support IMAP.
> Any ideas?
> -Ryan
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