FOSS Web Mail - What do you use?

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Nov 29 10:13:51 MST 2006

With the recent announcement of Novell dropping Hula it got me thinking in a
round-about way: What am I missing in the FOSS web mail world? Currently I'm using
SquirrelMail. I don't *hate* SquirrelMail, but I don't *love* it either. It is
certainly sufficient to handle the 3000 e-mails or so I get a month. However, I'm
wondering what else might be out there.

What do you use for your webmail solution?

Here is what I get from SquirrelMail that I like. I don't need it all, and could
live without a few options:

- RPMs available for quick installation and upgrading.
- IMAP integrated.
- Large number of extensions or modules.
- Server side spell checking.
- Default sort type for all folders, but remembers individual settings.
-  Includes a thread sort type that sorts mailing lists nicely.
- Message highlighting (changes color on messages from certain addresses).
- Lots of options to customize the layout and UI (change header field location, tab
orders, etc., etc.).
- Works with Linux Opera & Firefox.

What I don't like:
- It's a bit harsh on the eyes.
- My current setup uses frames that I have to refresh separately.
- It is difficult for some of my users to use (too complex).
- HTML based e-mail is more of a hack than really usable. Some of my users live on
HTML e-mail so they have mostly given up using my system.
- Compose window doesn't auto-re-size.

"Killer" or Must Have features would be:
- More intuitive server side e-mail checking.
- HTML editor options (similar to gmail).
- Auto draft saving.
- Must work with Opera.
- Must support IMAP.

Any ideas?

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