reverse DNS (was: Provo Internet options)

Jonathan Ellis jonathan at
Tue Nov 28 14:16:18 MST 2006

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 13:49:41 -0700, "Gabriel Gunderson" <gabe at>
> On Tue, 2006-11-28 at 13:48 -0700, Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> > AOL will not accept email from my server because of this. I don't  
> > care to ever send an email to an AOL user, but I have a few with  
> > accounts on my server, such as my father, who occasionally do. What  
> > is the group's general feeling about this? Keep my heels dug in as a  
> > purist?
> I have to deal with the same thing.
> You have the luxury of being principled when dealing with your mail.
> When dealing with other people's mail (your father in this case), your
> principles should come after his expectations.

It's not really that cut-and-dried.  Presumably his expectations also
include "not drowning in spam."

IMO it's so easy to configure your mail server correctly, or hire
someone to do so, that this is not an unreasonable requirement.  (The
kind of thing that Hotmail did -- does? -- where "your mail might be
considered spam if you don't pay us $$$$," is another matter.)

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