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Rapidwave does not have licensing yet for video in terms of the iProvo network because we need fiber and network infrastructure to support it.

Of course I'm sure Veracity and MStar didn't have video licensing either when they started on the iProvo network. So I'm assuming there is an option there through iProvo/Utopia or Provo City to resell existing licensing.

But just in case that is not available to us, we do have three options lined up for video licensing when the time comes.

I'm still not convinced working out the "bugs" in the system before letting on other providers was and is actually beneficial to the citizens of Provo. Maybe beneficial to someone on staff in that they don't have to work as hard or come up with the services to handle multiple providers as fast.

>From what I understand of the municipal laws regarding these systems I think Provo is skating on thin ice legally by letting on two providers and not others. No criteria was even published and we are still in the dark from the council and iProvo staff as to WHY one is allowed on and another not. 

It doesn't matter to us if they say they never denied our application.
We are losing revenue to MStar and Veracity on a monthly basis in the tens of thousands because we were not allowed on the system at the same time they were even though our application was in process a YEAR before they were accepted.

Of course that's just our business problem. 

But I feel we could have supported and serviced our customers that were forced to move to MStar or Veracity better at the time. 

I am glad that they are working through the issues and are getting better on data, phone and video. It probably would have been a faster process and more revenue for the city if there had been more than two providers at the time IMO.

We use a Broadsoft VoIP system with nationwide CLEC presence for phone service and have two 1GB feeds from independent providers in the valley to service our customers' data needs.

Let us on the network already!

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Thus saith an iProvo Exec. on 01 May 2006:

Neither RapidWave nor XMission has been denied service provider status
on our network.
XMission met with us and told us they were wanting to move slowly and
perhaps come on the network in 6+ months.
Rapidwave has a pending application.
Bringing on additional service providers provides additional options
for customers but also increases complexity. We are trying to make sure
all the bugs are out before we bite off more by adding service
providers. I do not think rapidwave is doing any video and does not have
licenses for video from content providers (ESPN, HBO, etc.)
We are soon to more to allow service providers without video so video
might not be a prime factor.
Yes. But perhaps "soon" was the wrong term as I don't know the time
frame. Let me re-phrase by saying I would not be surprised to see the
next service providers to join the network not provide a triple play.
This was always the plan. Get a few anchor service providers that do
triple play and then slowly and carefully open the network to more
providers that may or may not offer triple play. Not all providers will
offer triple play in the end is my best guess.

As the Mayor and City Council do the final approval, I of course have
no final say on service providers, but I know we are likely to recommend
service providers that do not offer triple play. I think they will
approve of that plan and those providers.

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