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Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Tue Nov 28 10:15:27 MST 2006

> I didn't try.  I use DynDNS Custom and it's worked well for me for
> years.  I personally haven't had a problem w/ reverse DNS causing mail
> servers to reject my mail I don't think, though I'm sure there are
> those that do gripe at that.
On a related topic of email & spam...

In the past I've used postfix to manage my local mail & I had set things
to send via my ISP account which seemed to resolve any issues with spam.

At this point I'm using Evolution which supports sendmail.  Does anyone
know the setting or offer a resource for sending the mail through ISP
proxy in sendmail?  I googled a bit but I think it may be called
something else in sendmail because I didn't come up with much.



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