XMission is lame? (was: Provo Internet options)

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 23:18:14 MST 2006

> Not true, at least as far as UTOPIA connections are concerned.
> Quoting Xmission tech-support's email to me on this subject (back in
> May):
> 	XMission is not currently able to offer unmeetered 'free
> 	download' times to our customers on the UTOPIA network. The
> 	reason for this is becuase XMission is charged for every
> 	packet communicated over the UTOPIA network. With this being
> 	the case we are currently not able to offer unmeetered traffic
> 	to our customers, and the metered traffic quotas of 100
> 	gigabytes per month for combined upload and download will be
> 	in effect after we send out an announcement notifying users.
My problem with XMission is right there.  When I was sold the service I
was told that I had unlimited weekend & night/weekend traffic.  After I
setup my torrents on timers to take advantage of that option I was told
that it was untrue.  "We're sorry if someone told you that but it isn't
the case.  You have 100G/monthly, period."

100G/month isn't an unreasonable cap (although it does seem a bit
ridiculous to have the same limit as a DSL customer with 1/10 the
pipe!), the thing that bothers me is that I was sold one thing &
provided with another.  That is the #1 reason that I will be switching
to AT&T.


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