XMission is lame? (was: Provo Internet options)

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Mon Nov 27 19:20:48 MST 2006

On Mon, 27 Nov 2006, Doran L. Barton wrote:
> You probably don't understand the value of the "(LAME) bandwidth cap" that
> XMission implements. The end-result is that everyone gets great bandwidth
> most of the time during peak use hours.

What prevents Xmission UTOPIA users from consuming their entire quota
during "peak hours"?  Does Xmission implement varying QOS profiles during
certain hours of the day?  Good for them if they do, but that is a
different mechanism than the "(LAME)" monthly cap.  In the absence of some
additional mechanism, the monthly cap has no effect on shared service
during any particular "peak use" hour.

> And, since XMission is geek-friendly, afterhours and weekends are
> not counted against your quota.

Not true, at least as far as UTOPIA connections are concerned.
Quoting Xmission tech-support's email to me on this subject (back in
	XMission is not currently able to offer unmeetered 'free
	download' times to our customers on the UTOPIA network. The
	reason for this is becuase XMission is charged for every
	packet communicated over the UTOPIA network. With this being
	the case we are currently not able to offer unmeetered traffic
	to our customers, and the metered traffic quotas of 100
	gigabytes per month for combined upload and download will be
	in effect after we send out an announcement notifying users.


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