XMission is lame? (was: Provo Internet options)

Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Mon Nov 27 17:06:31 MST 2006

Christer Edwards wrote:
>> I think she's been burned by Qwest and so she's checking out iProvo and
>> Comcast.  Specifically, she's asking about veracity and mstar for
>> iProvo.  Sadly, I've only heard bad things about those two.
>> Anyone have recommendations?
> I just setup Comcast for my brother in Provo and its pretty good speed
> at a good price.  I've always been pretty happy with Comcast but I'm on
> XMission Fiber now, although I'm planning on switching to AT&T for the
> same fiber soon as they don't have the (LAME) bandwidth cap that
> XMission does.

You probably don't understand the value of the "(LAME) bandwidth cap" that
XMission implements. The end-result is that everyone gets great bandwidth
most of the time during peak use hours. XMission doesn't oversell their
bandwidth like other ISPs do, or at least nowhere near as much. And, since
XMission is geek-friendly, afterhours and weekends are not counted against
your quota.

Also, if data you're downloading is available from an XMission mirror server
(i.e. Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora Core updates), it isn't counted against your
bandwidth. Same with playing online games with other XMission customers- it
doesn't go against your quota.

Comcast is great until a few of your neighbors start downloading games and
movies too- and then it's marginally better than dialup. XMission's "LAME"
policies are there to provide a minimum level of service that surpasses just
about every other ISP.

If you need more bandwidth, XMission would be happy to raise your bandwidth
quota in exchange for a more money. You get what you pay for.

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