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Hi everyone,

The JTA software has finally been published with the LPIC-3 job tasks for
everyone to help vote on.

What is the purpose of the Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey?

  The JTA survey is being performed so that LPI can determine how much
  coverage is required for each objective on the LPIC-3 exams.  The tasks
  that are being reviewed will provide the psychometrician with the data
  that is needed to make this determination (these are the weights that
  you have seen on the LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams).

  For each job task, you will be asked to comment on:

      - how often the specific task is performed (or understanding of
                a concept is required)
      - how important it is to know this task or concept

  The JTA survey should be taken by anyone that is in this role in the
  profession or has knowledge of the tasks involved in this role; such
  as managers and project planners.

Bonus for Linux Professionals Helping with the JTA

  As an incentive for people to help with the JTA survey, we will
  randomly award one (1) of one hundred (100) LPIC-3 exam vouchers to
  Linux professionals that complete the entire LPIC-3 JTA (currently,
  there are 365 tasks in the survey).

  These vouchers will be usable at any exam lab the LPI holds at various
  worldwide events such as LinuxWorld, IT360, and other regional events.
  Sorry, we cannot make these vouchers valid at the computer-based testing
  centres.  If you cannot attend any LPI exam labs, you can transfer the
  voucher to another LPI candidate and they are valid until Dec 31, 2008.

  We anticipate that 300-400 Linux professionals will participate in this

  The eligibility period for this draw ends on December 9th, 2006.

The Minimally Qualified Candidate (MQC)

  The MQC is a description of the Linux professional that would be
  able to pass the LPIC-3 exams.  This description should be read before
  starting the survey.

  The full description is at:


The Location of the JTA

  The JTA is available at: https://www.lpi.org/caf/Xamdev/jta

  You will need to provide your LPI username and password.  This is so
  that we may track your progress through the task list.  It also means
  that you do not have to finish the JTA survey in one pass.  Just return
  when you are able and you will only have to review the tasks that you
  have not seen already.

  Using your username and password also lets us find you if you are one
  of the Linux professionals awards the LPIC-3 exam voucher (see above).

Regards and happy surveying,
g. matthew rice <matt at starnix.com>           starnix, toronto, ontario, ca
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