Speaking of Raid 5

Joe Crown joecr at linuxmail.org
Sat Nov 25 07:21:52 MST 2006

Michael Torrie wrote:
> A two disk-failure is catastrophic, sorry.  If the data is valuable, you
> can pay much money to a data recovery center.  There is no way to
> recover your data otherwise that I know of, unless you can by some
> miracle get one of the two failed disks to work long enough to get your
> data off.
> The double-disk failure really is an Achilles heal for RAID-5.  I'm
> installing a new disk array at work that is 10 raw terabytes.  I'll be
> making it a RAID-6 (which is really RAID-5 but with two parity stripes
> instead of one), which should help mitigate this.  There's no substitute
> for a backup, though!

Don't forget data recovery centers cost an arm & a leg most of the time.


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