rPath anyone?

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at gundy.org
Wed Nov 22 13:37:04 MST 2006

Anyone using rPath Linux or Conary for anything cool?  I'd really be
interested in hearing about it.  Looks like it's pretty sweet stuff.

I just got done chatting with one of the guys there and he sent me a few
links.  If you haven't yet, check rPath out:

For rPath Linux, you can download CD and ISO images from

For starting out using a Conary-based system, see

The templates that show forms of many recipes are at

Our presentations at http://wiki.rpath.com/wiki/Conary:Presentations
include some you might particularly be interested in:
is shorter and has somewhat less detail (short presentation) and
is longer and has more detail.  It might actually be more
helpful for you because it starts right out with the process
of packaging.  The OhioLinuxFest talk is mostly a subset of
the OLS talk.

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