Novell responds to Microsoft

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Tue Nov 21 16:23:06 MST 2006

On Tue, 2006-11-21 at 15:38 -0700, Brandon Stout wrote:

> You have good points.  Before I go further, since I'm new to PLUG, let


> me make it clear to all: I'm an Open Source advocate.  Any time I can,
> I'll talk someone into using OSS alternatives.  Personally, I choose
> Open Source whenever it can do what I want.  I didn't site references
> because I thought the original Novel reference speaks for itself:
> It makes these points:

Yes I've read these points, but I agree with Steve Dibb on this one.
I've watched Microsoft for too long to believe that we can trust MS on
this one.  I believe this whole deal is the beginning of a direct assult
by microsoft now that their proxy war using SCO has failed.  Expect next
year to have some interesting lawsuits placed by Microsoft against
kernel users and companies like RedHat.  The only think I have to wonder
is, does MS really want to provoke a patent confrontation with IBM?  For
every patent that the Linux kernel may infringe on, there are likely
several of IBM's patents that MS is infringing. 

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