Novell responds to Microsoft

Shane Hathaway shane at
Tue Nov 21 16:08:42 MST 2006

Brandon Stout wrote:
> These quotes tell me that both companies are working with each other
> respectfully while still adhering to their own ideals, and they both
> want to make Microsoft products more OSS compatible.

So what is going to happen when Microsoft asserts a patent against some
GPL'ed software, such as the Linux kernel or KDE?  It seems like that is
Microsoft's next move.  Will Novell say all their customers are safe,
while everyone else is not?

That would in fact be a foolish thing for Novell to say, though, since I
expect it would result in Novell breaking GPLv2 section 7, thus
terminating their own license.  Even if the courts don't see it that
way, geeks will, and they'll boycott Novell and convince others to do so
as well.  Does Novell want to be the next SCO?

We'd all be happy with Microsoft if they said they will not assert their
patents against free software.  To enter into this agreement with
another company sends the opposite message, however.  It seems like they
are seeking alliances in order to mount a legal attack.


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